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How to get started as an independent escort

How to get started as an independent escort


Entering into the escort business can be a very lucrative career choice for some women. However like any other business success comes from hard work and dedication. You must have the right tools for the job if you expect positive results. Properly using the information contained in this article will label you as a professional independent escort and set you apart from amateurs.


The first thing you are going to need upon starting your career as an independent escort is professional photographs to use for advertising. You can locate local photographers by browsing local ads in various publications. Some photographers may even offer you a free photo shoot in exchange for allowing them to include your photos in their portfolio. Professional photos play a very important role in the success of an independent escort so it's very important to emphasize on quality.

-stage name-

Choosing a stage name is done for obvious privacy reasons. You don't want clients having access to your personal life. When choosing a stage name you should select something that sounds desirable and enticing enough to get people to call you.


Advertising is the most important aspect of getting business as an independent escort. If no one knows about you or the escort services that you offer then you will get no business. There are several ways to go about marketing yourself as an independent escort. You can advertise on free sites which don't charge escorts a fee to advertise, however these sites generally have no quality control as anyone can create an ad for free. This generally creates unnecessary competition in the form of false ads and less exposure because clients are typically turned off by sites that lack quality and truthful ads. The recommended method of escort advertising is paid advertising as it offers quality control and quality clients. I recommend checking outharlotcity >Harlotcity Worldwide Escort Guide because they validate every escort who wishes to advertise on their web site.

-contact info-

The preferred methods of contacting an independent escort are phone followed by email. It would be in the best interests of independent escorts to include this contact information in their advertising.

-how to screen clients-

Independent escorts can screen their clients by using adult entertainment verification services. These services attempt to verify the identify of clients by calling them at a verified home or business phone number and asking them personal questions pertaining to their identity. Afterwards the client is granted an account with the verification service in which adult entertainers can add and view info about the client.

-how to assure your safety-

Personal safety should be a very important issue for all independent escorts. To ensure personal safety independent escorts should screen clients, only provide their services in safe locations and request to see photo id from their clients to ensure they are who they say they are. Independent escorts should always practice safe sex and provide condoms for their clients to use if needed.


Please visitharlotcity >Harlotcity Worldwide Escort Guide for all of your independent escort advertising needs. Harlotcity offers competitive pricing and valuable service by exposing escorts to quality targeted clients.


Jim Conway

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