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The Ford Myth Unfolded

The Ford Myth Unfolded

The Ford Myth Unfolded

The father of Ford cars is Henry Ford, the daddy of the car industry.
In 1908 a legend was officially started. The motor industry never looked back!

Model - T:
The Ford Model T also known as the Tin Lizzie and the Flivver was an automobile produced by Henry Ford and his production team Ford Motor Company. Production started frrom 1908 and continued an amazing 19 years until 1927.

In recent years your common Ford is better known as the Escort, Mondeo and Focus.
Many now Fords now have a classic status, e. Cosworth series, Rs series and the rallying mexico.

Years of success within the Rallying and Touring car seasons has made Ford into the worldwide force it is today! However Ford haven't just blown the motorsport world apart, they have most definitely made an impression on all age groups.

Your spotty faced 17 year old boy racer in his souped up Escort or your 65 year old Mondeo man doing the Sunday drive, the sales team has hit every niche in the market and public satisfaction is never ending! Walk down the street and not see a Ford, I dare you.

However, the success achieved hasn't always been without the odd rocky patch. Once over a Ford was named F O R D - Fix Or Repair Daily. Every factory, school, shop or pub knew our trusted friend in this way. On a cold morning the starting kit for your Ford was a tin of WD40. But since the introduction of electronic ignition they have not looked back. The stigma was shook off, and the name was once again a force to be reckoned with. The mid eighties saw this revoulotinary change in fortunes. Along with the introduction of the ever popular CVH engine.

Escort Mk3:
The Escort Mk3 first received this excellent engine and it was to be the start of many years of reliable and economical motoring. Also highly modified over the years, the CVH has been popular across all fields. It had the manual ignition to start with and eventually the electronic iginition was phased in.

Apart from this popular car the whole range has made an impressionable mark on the car industry over the years. All models will be remembered for different reasons.

If you like your cars then try a Ford, unless of course you are one of the millions who has already made that excellent choice.


forum28 jackal Jackal is an avid Ford fan. Retro, classic and modern fast Fords are his intrests. He regularly posts on forum28Forum 28.

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