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Surprise Gang Bang

By - Jan 31, 2005 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 20428 adultfriendfinder go/g-pct MS_19 l While this occurred nearly 15 years ago I still get a hard-on when I think about it. I decided it is time to share it with the rest of the world. This story is true. Sorry there are no monster cocks, but I think the truth is hotter anyway.
My wife, let's call her Suzy, was 19 when we married and I was her first. I encouraged her to seek her own sexuality and for while she resisted. Suzy is 5'6" about 118lbs strawberry blonde with an awesome set of 34C tits and a firm round ass. After two years she got into it and we had done the swing thing a few times. This went on for about 3 years with infrequent playing with a few other couples and a lot of fantasies played out in the bedroom. She never failed to get hot when we discussed a threesome and I knew she wanted to try two men. Finally while we were playing one day she had just came out with it and said to call a friend (Rob) I played softball with and had lived with us for a while. This sort of surprised me, as she had never shown the slightest interest in him.
Not one to waste an opportunity, I called him and he was up for the challenge. That was the first of about 15 or 20 threesomes we had with him but those stories are for another time.
I traveled for work and the story I now relate happened when I returned from a two-week trip. During the trip Suzy and I spoke frequently and it always came around to how badly we wanted each other. As the first week ended she was telling me how horny she was and I asked are you horny enough to fulfill your fantasy of having three men. To my surprise she did not even hesitate and replied, "Right now I could take on more than three." I laughed and said "Oh really" while my mind turned to the idea of making this happen upon my return.
The next day I decided to call Rob to see what he thought about arranging something for her. I made the call and was pleased when he said Suzy had called him the night before and had requested him to make arrangements for my homecoming. Seems she had a thing for a few of the other guys on the team and since they were all single and we had partied with them she new some of them were into sharing girls they picked up in bars. Little did I know how she had fantasized about them doing this to her. She had given Rob a list of four guys she was interested in inviting for a weekend at our house. What was even wilder was that she had upped the ante and told Rob to get two more of them to join Suzy and I for a fun filled weekend.
The conversation got me so hot I decided to turn the tables and told Rob that the more the merrier and to speak with all four of them but to only let on to her that two would be coming with him.
I spoke to him the night before and he told me all four would make it and Suzy was none the wiser thinking that she was going to surprise me by having two additional guys join us for my homecoming. Rob went to our house to be there while Suzy picked me up from the airport and to let the two guys (she knew about) and the other two in when they arrived.
I am flying in knowing my wife is meeting me and knowing she thinks she is getting it on with four men that night. I had a hard on practically the entire flight. Finally we land and as I walked off my plane I see her standing there wearing a raincoat. No surprise as it was raining but I suspected she wore nothing under the coat as she had actually taken the time to park and come in to meet my plane, which she never did. We hugged and she whispered in my ear, "I have a surprise for you." I said, "You mean you have nothing on underneath the raincoat. I'm not surprised." She just smiled and said, "Guess again.'
We make it to the car and start the 30 min drive to our home. I knew she would be hot but I needed to make sure she was at the point of no return so that my plan would not backfire with her ending up calling the whole thing off when she saw the guys. I started rubbing her leg and moved to her upper thigh but she stopped me and said I could not touch until we got home. Then she proceeded to open her coat and exposed not her naked breast but her nipples popping out of a new cutaway bra she had on. She started rubbing her nipples and telling me how horny she was and how she wanted to be a naughty girl tonight. Then she reached down and started fingering her pussy through the opening in the matching crotch-less panties. I could hear her fingers making the sounds only a truly wet pussy makes and I knew she was up for just about anything. She continued to play with herself and gave me a finger or two to suck on but would not allow me to get near her nor would she touch me. I just had to hope that she was ready.
Just prior to arriving at the house she asked me if I wanted to hear about my surprise. I said hell yes and she sprung on me that she had invited Rob to join us for the evening and that he was at the house waiting for us. I smiled and told her that I was glad as I really felt like sharing her that night.
The plan was to have all the guys in the family room naked and I would bring her in from the garage hoping to get her started before she saw them, it worked perfectly. We entered the house and made it to the living room and I had her in my arms raincoat gone and was fingering her. Just then Rob walked into the room and joined us without a word. She moaned as he reached in from behind and caressed her nipples. Suzy melted onto the couch and I quickly sank to my knees and started licking her totally shaved pussy. Rob had his cock in her mouth and she was sucking him like I had never seen before. After a short time we stopped and she looked at Rob and asked him if all the arrangements were made. He smiled and said he had everything under control. She said great. Rob then announced that he had the family room all set up with the mattresses and the porno tapes and we should go in. I got up but Suzy stopped me and sent Rob ahead. She asked me if I was totally cool with an anything goes weekend and I said, "Sure."
Everyone grabbed something to drink while Rob turned on the porno. Suzy made a pass around the room kissing all the guys deeply and letting them play with her breasts, ass and pussy. She then settled on the couch between Rob and I and placed her legs on the coffee table and spread them as she sat sipping her wine and watching the movie as it began to heat up.
Rob had made and excellent choice in that he picked a gangbang movie and the action was hot right from the start. Suzy was sitting with a look of awe on her face as this woman took on 6 guys and then she suddenly got this evil smile, I think she realized she was that women and I swear I saw her pussy start dripping. She looked around and her eyes locked on Terry. She told him to come over and eat her pussy and then she told George to bring her his cock. Needless to say she got no arguments from either and before long she was moaning through George's cock as Terry worked her pussy over good with his tongue. She lifted her ass off the coach and instructed Terry to take her panties off. And then she told the rest of us to get involved. She alternated between sucking us and masturbating us all while one or the other of us ate her until we had all cum on her. She was covered from her pussy to her neck in cum and still nobody had been inside her and she had not cum yet.
We all sat back and she then told us that she planned to fuck each one of us while the others watched and that the one that lasted the longest without Cumming could have her for an hour alone in the bedroom. She then climbed onto the mattress and asked Bill to join her first. This lasted about an hour and half with each of us taking a turn with her will the others watched, cheered, drank and watched more porn. I was fourth and her pussy had never felt better. The creamy texture of her freshly shaved and fucked pussy and that fact that she was my wife and was totally being a slut ended any chance I had of winning the hour alone but I could have cared less. In the end Rob won and after she rested for a while she got up and told him to follow her.
While they were gone the guys commented on how hot the evening had been and how lucky I was. I smiled and said the evening is just starting and she plans on this being a weekend so you better rest while you can. The all laughed and said right she will quit before long. They had known her for about two years and this proved to me that they did not know how determined she is once she gets an idea in her mind.
Rob returned at the end of the hour and told me that Suzy was resting and wanted a shower and to make sure nobody left. In fact the message was whoever was gone when she returned would never be invited back. Terry and George laughed and said that she would be out for the night but what the hell they had no place to go as they did not need to go pick up ladies tonight to get laid anyway. We settle down played some pool and had a couple of beers.
The rest of the weekend was a blur. Suzy spent time with each of the guys alone; did us in groups of up to four at a time and generally played the slut. She swallowed cum had it dripping from her hair and got her creampie eaten for the first time. (Hell yes by me) she asked and I was happy to give. In the end nearly every one of the guys ate her after she had someone else's cum in her and nobody complained. By Sunday afternoon she figured she had given 25 blowjobs and been fucked around 30 times and she loved every minute of it.
She stood at the door and kissed each of the guys goodbye and thanked them for making her fantasy cum true. They all thanked her and told her they were hers anytime she wanted them.
This experience was her only Gangbang but we still talk about it all the time and she gets so wet when we do. We did threesomes with many of the guys after that but those are other stories. The interesting thing was the smiles whenever she came out to one of our softball games. The other 5 guys on team must have suspected something but they never knew for sure what secret we all kept.
adultfriendfinder go/g-pct MS_19 l

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