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The Dark Train Adventure

The Dark Train Adventure

By RedHairGirl - Jan 18, 2010 - From cat_index_47. Fetish sex stories - Views - 23357 My name is Stephanie, I’m a 24 year old, bisexual female with no steady lover. A few weeks ago I was on a cross-country train trip (yeah, I know, nobody rides the train anymore) and enjoying the countryside rolling past. It was just about dark when I felt nature calling and headed for the bathroom. As I staggered down the little hallway, trying to match the rolling feeling of the train, I heard a compartment door open and close somewhere behind me. I reached the bathroom and pulled the door open. I slipped my hand inside, to flick on the light switch, but before I found it an arm went around me and I was pushed into the tiny, dark room. A face nuzzled against my neck and a whispering voice said “I won’t hurt you. I’ve noticed you in the forward car, I find you to be quite an exquisite woman.
Your hips and ass are extremely shapely, and your breasts are magnificent…and no bra…you are an adventurous girl indeed.” I felt a second arm snake around me and two hands close over my breasts…rubbing the nipples. I was a little scared, but strangely calm…for some reason I sensed that wasn’t any danger here. A warm body pressed lightly against me, the hands circled my breasts…then one slid down to the bottom of my shirt. I felt my shirt being pulled up and smooth hands cupped my breasts, fingers and thumbs pinched my nipples, bringing a sharp “OHHHH” exclamation from me. I slumped a little, my ass pushing backwards, and I felt a bulge rub across my skirt-covered cheeks. A small sigh escaped from my captor / admirer and I felt the bulge push harder. The face nuzzled closer….lips slipped softly over my ear…”mmmmm, you’re so lovely” the voice said softly. The lips moved from my ear, down my neck, and onto the tender skin at the opening on my T-shirt…I felt a tingle slowly spread through my body. One of the hands left my breast and was gone for an instant, then I felt it moving over my hip, sliding down to rub my covered ass. I groaned a low, slow “Ohhhhhhh”…not really committing to the fact that I wanted more, nor to the heat that was growing between my thighs. I guess it must have been more obvious than I thought since the hand continued the journey down to the hem of my skirt, grasping it and pulling it up… gathering it at my waist. The tiny thong panties did nothing to thwart the touching of my ass cheeks, the hand flattened against my bare cheek and rubbed in small circles, eventually sliding over the crack between the cheeks.
My breathing was becoming faster and deeper…my excitement was building, then the hands both abandoned me. I waited an instant, wondering what was next, then heard the distinctive sound of a zipper being pulled down…there was movement behind me. “Oh My God” I thought “DO SOMETHING !” I was ready to turn around and look when the hands tugged at my shirt, pulling it over my head. One hand returned to my tits, moving from one to the other…pulling, caressing…I felt my nipples growing. Then the body pushed against me again and a hard, hot cock pressed against my ass. I felt the other hand slide between us, pulling my thong aside, and slipping the cock into my ass crack. As the warm flesh settled between my cheeks the hand crept around to the front, sliding under my thong waistband, and down into my trimmed pubic hair. I rocked my hips, feeling the cock and hand both moving on me. The fingers dipped over my pubic mound, parting my already swollen pussy lips, and finding the wetness inside. I was groaning softly…any pretense of objection was gone long ago. The lips came back to my ear…a strange, almost lilting voice, said “I want you so much, tell me its ok to slip my dick into your perfect cunt. Tell me its what you want too.” “OHHHH YESSSSS” I wanted to shout out, but instead just softly said…“Fuck me!” Huskily the voice said “bend over, put your hands on the sink.” I felt both hands on my bare ass cheeks, my panties were pulled off, then one slide down to my pussy, spreading my lips as a hot cock head pushed against them. The cock moved around, opening me up and the hands moved to my hips…gently pulling me backwards…sinking the cock deep inside.
“Uummmmmm” I groaned as I felt the sliding start. “OHHHH GODDDD” I thought, “HARDER” but didn’t say anything…instead I began to rock back and forth, counterpoint to the thrusting of the cock. Still sounding husky, the voice told me to spread my legs wider…then “rub your clit, I know that its hard and needs attention.” “I want you to enjoy my dick as much as I enjoy your cunt…I want you to cum as hard as I will cum.” I did as told, my fingers worked feverishly on my pumped up clit. My body moved faster as the cock drove deeper and harder…I was gulping air and gasping with the pleasure of this anonymous sex. I felt one hand moving slowly from a hip, up onto my ass. A finger, or maybe a thumb, circled around the crinkled edge of my asshole sending shivers through my body and a growling “Aggggggggg“ from deep within my throat. Apparently that was the desired result because an instant later the thumb moved to the center and twisted a little, the tip pushing inside. “fuckkkkkk…oooooooo…ohhhhhhhhhhh….Fuckkkkkkkkk” I moaned, my pushing action driving it deeper. The thumb began to slide in and out, matching the movement of the cock sliding in my pussy. “Mmmmmyessss, your asshole is so fucking tight.” “I’m going to open it up, then drive my dick deep inside.” I felt the other hand leave my hip and a second digit push along side the first one. The two fingers separated, pulling my anal sphincter open. I gritted my teeth as a mixture of pain and pleasure went through my body…the cock seemed to be going even deeper and harder than before.
Tears filled my eyes, I wasn’t sure if they were from being happy or from hurting…but I had no intention of trying to stop the invasion of either orfice. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…an orgasm so strong that I couldn’t stand. I leaned over the sink, feeling like a rag doll…limp, unmoving, except for the spasms going through my body and the jerking of my legs…I began to sob slowly, unable to control my emotions at that moment. Slowly the cock slid out of my soaked pussy, the head sliding up the lips until it touched the fingers that were stretching my asshole. A final pull sent another jolt of pain through me but the touch of a hot cock head against the puckered opening assuaged it. Then the cock, slippery with my girl-cum, pushed inside. “GODDDDDDDDDD, fuck your dick deep into my ass.” “Be my bitch” the voice murmured as a sudden thrust drove the cock deep, bringing a series of whimpers from me. Then it roughly began to drive in and out…and I was humping back…wanting more of the pain-pleasure that I was receiving. I drove three fingers into my pussy, rotating and probing. Almost immediately I felt another orgasm approaching…”fuck me, fuck me, ohhhh godddd fuck my ass” was all I could say…over and over, while I was rocked with pleasure. And the cock did just that, holding my hips and fucking my butt like it had never been fucked before. As I bit my lip to keep from screaming I could tell that the cock was ready…ready to deliver its fluids. At that moment the voice, higher pitched and more melodious, hissed out…“suck me.” “Suck my dick while I shoot my load.” The cock pulled out with a popping sound and I turned, dropping to my knees as I moved. Grasping the hot, slick rod I jammed it deep into my mouth. The cock started to jam in and out of my mouth, gagging me as it drove down into my throat. I gripped smooth, rounded ass cheeks, pulling until there were pubes rubbing against my lips. I felt a twitching and swelling, and knew that cum was on the way.
Like a dam breaking…the cum flooded out, accompanied by a long, low, whining sound. I swallowed fast, but felt cum that was squishing out of the sides of my mouth, running down my cheeks. Then the cock pulled out…still pumping spurts of cum… splashing my face and chest. The cock started to wither as I sucked and licked it clean. I wiped cum drops from my face and chest, licking it off my fingers. Without warning, I stood up and wrapped my arms around the body that had just ravaged me…and suddenly…totally unexpectedly…I felt breasts and hard nipples, bouncing against mine! I strained in the dark and made out the form of a female face. There was a big sigh and the voice I had heard changed slightly...taking on a more feminine timber. “Please…please don’t be mad with me” the voice begged. “I’m pre-op trans-gender. “ “I’m on my way for the last surgery.” “In two days…THIS” and she pulled my hand down onto her cock…”will no longer be there.” “In two days…THIS“…she squeezed my hand tightly on her cock…”will be my cunt.” “YOU are the last girl I will ever fuck with this dick…you are the perfect end to my life as a man…you are more perfect than any female that I have ever known” “I’m sorry” and she sobbed a little “I would never hurt you, never do anything that you didn’t want.” I leaned forward, placing my lips softly on hers…“I understand” I whispered. I kept one hand on her cock and slid one over the smooth contours of her new breasts. Now I understood it all…the patience, the desire to please, the smooth roundness or the body, the unusual voice. I kissed her again, a little harder and she backed away from me. As I stood there in the dark I heard the rustle of clothing, then the telltale sound of the zipper sliding. I looked into the darkness, “I hope that your life will be all that you want it to be.” I turned my back to her, “I wish we had more time.”
”Maybe one day we will meet again.” “Maybe” she said…I would like that.” I covered my eyes and stifled a small sob. I felt her move up behind me…kiss my neck and back up. Nothing else was said…I heard the door suddenly open, and turned in time to see a flash of pale skin, blonde hair, and red lipstick disappear into the dim hallway. I felt like running after her, telling her I wanted to be with her, but I knew that it wouldn’t be good for either one of us…at least not now. I waited a minute or two and flicked on the light. The mirror revealed tousled hair, and cum streaks on my chest, stomach, and face. I took a handful of paper towels and used them to clean from my forehead down to my inner thighs. I looked around and found my panties and shirt hanging neatly on the door hook. Slipping on the panties, I pulled my skirt down and straightened it out. I yanked the T-shirt over my head and looked into the mirror, straightening my hair. I noticed two little drops of cum still on my cheek…I collected them on my finger, staring sorrowfully at them, before I sucked my finger clean. I turned out the light, stepped out into the hallway, and walked slowly back to my seat where I spent the remainder of the night in fitful sleep. In the morning, when we reached our destination, I looked at every female that I could see. There was a number of pretty, blonde girls…but there was no sign of recognition from any of them. As I walked through the station I heard my name being called on the paging system. I went quickly to the service desk and identified myself. The clerk reached behind the counter and handed me a single red rose, with a small card attached. I looked at the card…it said, simply, “another time-another place, I hope, my love!…Gene-Gina, and an e-mail address.” I walked slowly through the station, inhaling the perfume from the rose…I would never smell another rose without the memory of this adventurous night returning to me.

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